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We Bring I.T. to the Bottom Line!


I’m Charles Hagen, owner of Hagen-IT, Inc. We install, configure, and maintain Nurse Call and
Wanderer Systems in the Assisted Living, Memory Care as well as other Medical industries.

Although Hagen-IT provides installation and maintenance for New and Seasoned Facilities, we are also
prepared to protect your existing investments.

  • · Is your Nurse Call or Wanderer System vendor GOING OUT OF BUSINESS?

  • · Are they no longer able to maintain or provide technical support?

  • · Are they TOO EXPENSIVE?

In most cases, Hagen-IT can integrate your current hardware with our service to save your investment while protecting your staff’s ability to schedule, track and quickly respond to your resident’s needs.

  • · Are you planning on adding or updating a Nurse Call or Wanderer System at your facility?

As the preferred partner of Systems Technologies, Inc. and Accutech, Hagen-IT has been providing the most cost effective, reliable and user-friendly technology throughout the United States since 2002.

1. Systems Technologies, Inc. – (Wireless Nurse Call Systems)

2. Accutech – (Wireless Wanderer System to protect Memory Care residents and your business)

These Wireless systems provide the facility staff with the flexibility to quickly meet the resident’s needs, now
and in the future.

3. Mitel-Phone – (For office and/or residents) the phones are programmable to auto answer in speaker mode in the residents room/apartment in case the resident isn’t able to reach the phone.

Whether you’re planning a new facility, an upgrade or simply want to protect your existing investment, contact Hagen-IT at 877-424-3648 or by email at . The Hagen-IT family looks forward to hearing from you!


Charles Hagen

Hagen IT, Inc. – “Bringing IT to the Bottom Line”
Phone (920) 657-1515 or Toll Free 877-HAGENIT (877-424-3648)



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