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MITEL SX-200 IPC Overview

The Mitel® SX-200 IP Communications Platform (ICP) allows small and medium businesses to enjoy all the features and functions that they are accustomed to with key and PBX systems, plus all the benefits a full-featured IP system brings to the table. Designed for up to 600 users, the SX-200 ICP improves the external image of your business by enhancing customer service and employee productivity while reducing your capital expenditures and operating costs – providing you investment protection for the future.

SX200 Overview.pdf

SX-200 MX Controller Quick Reference.pdf

SX-200 ICP Product Overview.pdf

SX200 ICP Overview.pdf

SX200 ICP MX Controller.pdf

SX200 ICP Hotel Flyer.pdf

SX200 ICP for Hospitality.pdf

SX200 ICP data sheet.pdf

SX200 Flyer.pdf

SX-200 CX Controller Quick Reference.pdf


NEW SX200 ICP Business Flyer.pdf

5340 IP Phone data sheet.pdf

5324 IP Phone data sheet.pdf

5324 Feature Teacher.pdf

5312 IP Phone data sheet.pdf

5310 IP Conference Unit.pdf

5000 System Brochure.pdf

5000 SSystem Data Sheet.pdf




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Mitel SX-200 IP Communications Platform

The Mitel SX-200® IP Communications Platform (ICP) provides the reliability and comprehensive features of a PBX, the ease of use and cost effectiveness of a key system, and the productivity-enhancing applications and networking efficiencyof IP. It is the system you need now with the flexibility to add functionality as your requirements change.