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Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Our Nationally recognized Wireless Nurse Call system utilizes the 900 MHz spread spectrum wireless technology to link your residents to your staff. It allows for incredible scalability and is an affordable, effective Nurse Call solution for your facility. We also provide a module which integrates with the your system for Patient Wanderer needs.  Not ready for a new system?  Call us for an evaluation of your present system.  Toll-Free (877) 424-3648

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VisionLink® Wireless Nurse Call System

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Updated Nurse Call Station




Standard Features

Standard Features

  • Windows 7 ® Operating System
  • 900 MHz spread spectrum technology
  • Fully supervised (self-testing)
  • Alarm Calls reset at the source
  • Low battery alert
  • Password protection
  • Visual/audible alarm prioritization
  • User replaceable long-life battery

Standard Components

  • Emergency Pull Station
  • Single Patient Station
  • Dual Patient Station
  • Pendant with “call cancel” button
  • Duty Station
  • Code Blue Station
  • Corridor and Zone Lights
  • Universal Transmitter
  • Motion Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Water, Glass Break, Temp & More

Additional Options (as needed)

  • Advanced Statistical Call Analysis Reports
  • Spectralink wireless phone integration
  • Pocket page and text messaging
  • Central station monitoring
  • Cellular telephone alarm messaging
  • VoiceLink two way voice communication

Equipment Options

  • Wireless Patient, Code and Duty Stations
  • Wireless Emergency Pull Stations
  • Wireless Pendant and Wrist Transmitters
  • Corridor and Zone Lamps (white or two color)
  • Alpha-numeric pocket page alarm notification
  • Central station alarm monitoring interface
  • Telephone and text message interface
  • Networked consoles can select response areas
  • Door/Window/Bed exit notification
  • Wandering patient notification
  • Smoke/motion/glass breakage detection
  • Resident check-in status
  • Repeaters for campus coverage
  • PC or standard console
  • Locators to pinpoint alarm source

More Features

  • Pocket pager alarm notification
  • Two way radio alarm announcement
  • Programmable pager escalation
  • Specialized management reports
  • Passive/active check-in status
  • Quality assurance verification
  • Timed egress alarm notification
  • Text messaging
  • Staff presence indication
  • Bed turn scheduler