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Wilreless Console Receivers

Wireless Console Receivers

The VL2500-B7 CPU performs all call processing functions in a Vision Link Wireless Nurse Call System. The unit includes an embedded computer, receiver, uninterruptible power supply, keyboard and mouse. The VL2500-B7 serves as the master console for the Vision Link Wireless Nurse Call System and receives alarm and supervisory data from all programmed and enabled stations and transmitters on the system. It also provides all system control functions, software display features, patient call history, reporting and remote access functions. When equipped with the optional VL-SYNC server software package, it is configurable as a server in systems where each Vision Link Computer Console receives calls from a specific area. The server can perform all program-ming updates and staff notification functions and can be accessible from the network, if desired. In addition to wireless stations, pendants and other devices, Vision Link supports corridor and zone lights with one, two, three or four color indications when equipped with a VL175 Dome Light Controller. Incoming alarm calls will display on the monitor according to time received and priority level. Priority levels are differentiated by audio tone and color-coded visual indication. Up to 23 patient calls can be simultaneously viewed on the 17” LCD monitor. Additional calls may be viewed by scrolling down the screen using the mouse supplied with the system. All programming and patient alarm call information is password protected and entered using attached keyboard. Visual display for all alarms includes date, time, call type, room and bed number, patient or name description and can be printed on demand. Multiple Vision Link CPU’s may be connected via a dedicated network and VNC Ultra may be used to provide nursing staff with wireless netbooks or IPADs as wi-fi viewing consoles.