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Protect Your Property and Business Assets

Watch IT

Crime is on the rise...almost everywhere.


Protecting your employees, property and your assets just got easier with the new WATCH-IT line of Video Surveillance Systems. 

WATCH-IT  Systems utilize the latest in digital image technology to provide clear, sharp images, convenient image storage, and easy and secure camera access from any location that has Internet.  Five different systems...50, 100, 200, 250, 500 and 1000 system models are available to fit every budget, with a full range of options.

Digital Quality Images

 What good is a surveillance camera if the images are fuzzy? WATCH-IT systems provide a sharp digital image that can be easily accessed, re-sized and printed by any authorized computer on the network...inside or outside the building. 

Easy & Secure Access 

What if you were out-of-town and wanted to check and see how the situation back home was going? Our remote access is the answer. 

With the WATCH-IT can just fire up your laptop and go to your password-protected site on the internet where you can view all your cameras in real time. With old-fashioned analog systems, you can only monitor with closed circuit monitors in the building. 

Call us at (920) 657-1515  to bring Technology to your Business or Residence. Professional and Affordable. 

Toll-Free (877) 424-3648



   Office (920) 657-1515
   Toll-Free (877) 424-3648


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